Saturday, May 16, 2009


Truest Diva Contest
Part II

This contest contains 20 beauty-related questions. Some are general knowledge questions, and others specifically pertain to your contest host, DPrincess28. The answers can be found in my YouTube videos and on my blog. Whoever submits the COMPLETE correct answers to all the questions first, will receive the grand prize. The next two people to submit all the correct answers will receive the second and third place prize respectively (To read the general rules of the contest and see the prizes, refer to: Truest Diva Contest Part I).

Part II: Specific Rules

Specific Rules:
1. You must submit COMPLETE answers to each question in order to be eligible for any prizes. Partial and or incomplete answers will not be considered.
2. You must include your screen name (either your Youtube screen name or your blogger screen name) with your entry.
3. Answers must be emailed to
4. Sorry, but this contest is closed to those outside the United States (I didn't originally plan to do this, but once I researched shipping costs, I was horrified to realize how expensive it is to ship outside the US. The shipping costs were basically more than the prizes! Again, my apologies to my international divas.).

*May the Truest Diva win!*


1. What is the one thing I did (the process and the product used) that I consider to be the reason why I incurred little to no breakage during the transition process?

2. What inspired my look for 2009 (The makeup look I wore the first night out on the town in '09)?

3. Is getting a texturizer a good way to transition into being natural?

4. What's the URL to my blog?

5. What vitamin, when used topically or ingested, enhances scalp circulation?

6. How long have I been natural?

7. What is the purpose of a co-wash?

8. We know that protein treatments are important, but why must we alternate them with conditioning treatments?

9. Name three hairstyles other than weaves and braids that I recommend ladies who are transitioning wear.

10. If you add _____ to your diet, you can reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease.

11. Am I mixed?

12. Doing this will increase your sleeping metabolic rate by 8%: ________

13. What causes traction alopecia?

14. What ultimately caused me to transition from relaxed to natural?

15. Name three heat-free styles I've shared with you guys.

16. Name three products I use on my skin.

17. Trimming your ends is an important part of a healthy hair care regimen, but should in no way be _________________________.

18. Name three steps I've taken to repair my heat damaged hair.

19. What are the names of the two flat irons I own?

20. List three things I did to make myself over for Valentine's Day.

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