Monday, May 18, 2009

Celebrity Hair

The celebrity locks I'm currently admiring: Lisa Bonet. I always thought Miss Bonet was a beautiful woman. I remember loving her wild, frizzy hair on A Different World. Although I don't find dreadlocks all that appealing, I think she looks very lovely with them…

And her boyfriend, actor Jason Mamoa, looks pretty hot with dreads too! (I was so mad to see that he cut them off while watching him play Roman on The Game!)

I had to include this throwback pic of Lisa and her naturally curly hair.

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Anonymous said...

locs are very appealing, but only a selected few know how to take care of them and that is why the stereotype of everyone who has locs is dreadful, unkempt, unappealing and dirty.

just like natural hair, some people may like it is unappealing as well.

lisa bonet is gorgeous and i believe her personality outshine any aspect of her hair style.