Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Make One Change And Lose Weight

I'm a firm believer in steering clear of fad diets and gimmicks to lose weight. I know following a healthy diet and regular exercise program can be trying, but I believe it's the only way to successfully maintain a healthy weight. A lot of individuals tend to stress out when it comes to getting in shape, for they feel as though they have to make a ton of drastic changes at once. However, small changes make a big difference when it comes to getting in shape. In fact, there have been many studies in which people have simply changed one thing, such as eliminating sodas and other sugary drinks from their diet, and have seen a major improvement in terms of the numbers on the scale.

The online version of Shape magazine recently posted an article about how making small changes to one's diet can dramatically improve one's health. Get the full story here:
www.shape.com >> Articles - Make One Change and Lose Weight

If you're not already following a healthy diet and or exercise regimen, then I hope at least one of these minor diet tweaks will work for you.

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