Friday, May 1, 2009


Update on Santa Fe Bronze

I did my first application of Santa Fe Bronze by Silk Elements (For more info, checkout: Santa Fe Bronze) on Wednesday and am pleased with the results. I normally have to do two applications of a box kit before I can really see a change, but I was able to see the color instantly. I do however plan to do a second application in about two weeks, which should successfully lift my color so I can get the full effect. You should never expect to get a dramatic color change on the first shot, unless you plan on completely stripping and possibly damaging your hair.

Below is a pic of the color application. I only applied the color to my bangs. This time, I made sure to steer clear of my roots, because the hair along my edges are fragile, and I've experienced breakage in the past. Luckily, the kit came with a pre-treatment to be applied to the scalp to protect it from the dying process, which I concentrated in the area that was to be dyed and along my edges. I thought this was a great precautionary measure, as the company is obviously taking people's safety and the health of their hair into consideration.

Here are two pics of the finished product:

I'm glad I didn't apply any color to my roots, because this gives me a cool, shattered effect. It basically appears as though I dyed my hair before and it's just now growing out. I'll check back in once I do a second application.


lakitiamarie said...

Very it!

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks girl!

bluebonnet67 said...

Yes, that is a beautiful color on you!

Anonymous said...

that color is GAW-jus!!!

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks ladies!