Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A New Curl Activator Gel I'm Loving

I recently purchased a new curl activator gel called Short Looks Gel 'N by Luster's Pink. It's made by the same brand that makes the pink moisturizing lotion I used to use back in the day, before I discovered ORS that is :). Although this product was designed to be used on short hair, it does wonders for my curls. In fact, the directions state that the amount of product one uses can be adjusted according to the length and thickness of one's hair. Here's a description of the product as stated on the back of the tube:

"Gel 'N was designed just for those sassy styles and waves. Short Looks Gel 'N is an instant moisturizer that gives you a finished look for your contemporary style. Make your curls and waves healthier, softer, and never frizzy or sticky."

Ingredients: Deionized Water Aqua , Glycerin , Propylene Glycol , Panthenol Provitamin B5 , Carbomer , Triethanolamine , Disodiium EDTA , Oleth-20 , Imidazolidinyl Urea , Methylparaben, Fragrance Parfum

I used this product for over a week and it kept my curls in check. I recently shared with you guys that I was going through some things, and I therefore got off track in terms of my normal hair care regimen. Thus, not only did I go over a week without washing my hair (okay, so maybe it was just 8 days or so instead of 7, but still, that's a big change for me), but I also didn't do any co-washes or anything. I therefore got to see how well the product performed after multiple applications, and let me tell you, it kept my hair well moisturized and soft. Inset are a few pics of what my hair looked like after a few days of multiple applications.

I loved the fact that I could reapply the product daily without having to re-moisturize my hair with ORS or my Bronner Bros. prior to scrunching with the Short Looks daily like I normally do when I use my beloved Worlds of Curls curl activator gel. Plus, I didn't have the sticky/slimy buildup I get after just a few days of using Worlds of Curls.

I'm on my second tube of Short Looks and don't plan on purchasing Worlds of Curls for a while. I'm going to stick with this for a minute until I find something good enough to replace it with.


lakitiamarie said...

I see you finally found it! GREAT!! Your hair look super soft in this picture.

lakitiamarie said...

Hey DPrincess,

I know you found your all in one product but I had to tell you about Hawaiian Silky 14n1. I love this product!! This moisturizer works wonders on my braid outs. It makes my curls really defined and it's not greasy. You can actually use this product for several different things; hence the 14 n 1. My curls also survived my 45minute workout at the gym yesterday. I'm excited about this product and thought I will share. Have a Wonderful Weekend!

DPrincess28 said...

Hey girl,

Thanks for the 411. Hope you have a great weekend too! XOXO

Nortorious said...

SO this is your all in one or is the replacement for the world of curls and you still use the bronner bros?

DPrincess28 said...

Hey Notorious,

I still moisturize with the Bronner Bros, but I've found I don't have to do that daily. I can just re-scrunch my curls with the gel in subsequent days, and I'm good to go.

Purest Heart said...

I hate you! (Not for real, lol) but I admit that while I watched most of your YouTube videos the same day I discovered them (about a month ago), today is my first day reading your blog. I say that to say I went and bought almost every product you said you used for your natural hair. Now I have this BIG jar of Worlds of Curls, but you're making me want to go on the hunt tomorrow for this gel. A sista is on a budget now, thanks a lot, lol.
Keep up the great blogging...

DPrincess28 said...

Purest Heart, don't stress yourself out. I still think Worlds of Curls is a great product. Trust, I'm constantly experimenting with products, so it would be very hard for anyone to keep up with me, LOL!