Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hair Love

Hey Divas,

A friend of mine who is in the process of transitioning recently shared with me that she is struggling with accepting her natural texture. Similarly, another friend of mine recently shared with me that she is in a "Hair slump." It seems to be so easy to pick out the things that we dislike about our natural hair, but I'm curious to hear what others LOVE about their natural hair. So, please feel free to post a comment about what it is that you love about your natural hair. And, if you're not currently natural, feel free to post a comment about what you love about natural hair in general. Perhaps if we share what it is that we love about our hair with each other, it will help others learn to embrace their natural hair more fully.




kee93 said...

Well I currently started transitioning and i love my natural hair texture already. I only have like and inch and a half but its already curly and i love rubbing through it lol!

Anonymous said...

I have been natural all my life so what I love about my natural hair... EVERYTHING!!! I love its texture, the fact that it is curly, the versatility of styles that I can achieve and that I can have a different look when I feel like it, the fact that I can fool other people with the length of my hair due to shrinkage... like I said, I love EVERYTHING about my natural hair

floralfusion said...

I just started transitioning last month and I'm loving it! Especially the "little pleasures" like allowing my husband to rub his fingers through my hair, the freedom of enjoying a day poolside or at the beach, not freaking out when my hair gets wet in the shower (all before water was the enemy), and last but not least, I'm not required to "sleep pretty"!!! Woke up plenty of mornings with crooks in my neck...lol

ljmacon said...

I will admit transitioning is HARD. I have very thick kinky curly hair.I did the big chop then wore a fro for 7 months.I loved my kinky curls, but I let our black community make me hate it. At that 7th month I had it. I grew up on relaxers and I rocked a wrap for the longest time so the BC was a wake up call for me.I broke down & made the biggest mistake. I went back to the hair crack. :( It is now 7 months later again & thanks to DPrincess28 I have learned to style and embrace what God gave me. And what he blessed me with is beautiful.I have more confidence now. I'm unique & when the rain comes I don't have to run. I still have times when I want to break down again & revert back to what is "normal." But I have to remember, India Irie said "I am not my hair but the soul that lives within." With straight & long or kinky & curly or wavy & sassy we are women and we should embrace "all" that we "are." Not what this sister & that brother says we should be. It's going to take a while for us to get where we want to be, but it's that with everything in life. THANK YOU, DPrincess28!!! You have been a true blessing to me and I know you are to your friends. Don't give up. It's worth the fight. :D