Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Celebrity Hair

The Regimen of A True Diva

Although Eva Marcille does not consider herself worthy of the "Diva" title, this America's Next Top Model winner is a true diva in our eyes. I've already featured her as one of my celebrity favs, but today I'd like to share her regimen with you, as published in the latest issue of Sophisticate's Black Hair Styles and Care Guide (SBH). Here is a snippet of what "Eva The Diva," had to say, in her own words, about her take on hair and her personal regimen:

SBH: Some people are reluctant about getting a short haircut because they don't think it's versatile. What's your opinion on short hair?
Your hair is as versatile as you want it to be. I know a lot of friends who have long, curly locks but that is the only hairstyle they do. Short hair is great because nine times out of ten, you have the option to go natural, relaxed or straightened. Also, there are colors you might be able to pull off with short hair that give you a pop of warmth, that you might not be able to achieve or might not be as flattering if your hair was long and down your back.

SBH: What's your day-to-day styling routine?

I am one of those girls who wash my hair every day. I don't really have to tie my hair up at night because I am going to get up and wash it again in the morning. My hair is fairly curly, but a lot of
times I wear it natural. One of the things I do is wash my hair, let it air-dry, get a handful of bobby pins and pin it up.

SBH: What products do you like to use on your hair?
I rely on my Motions products…They are the best ever! I condition at least once a
month with Motions, and I love their shampoos and conditioners. I also use Gabels Lemon Fluff Shampoo because I have really oily hair. If after two days my hair is straightened [and unwashed], it starts to look greasy and the Lemon Fluff Shampoo strips the oil out of my hair. Then, I use a Motions conditioner afterwards to put moisture back in.

SBH: Are there any tools you rely on?

The age-old pressing comb! I need more than just a flat iron. I need a lot of heat on my hair! The process to straighten my hair involves blow-drying it, then using a pressing comb then putting a curl in it.

SBH: Do you have any great hair tips you can share with SBH readers?

I think the cheapest and perhaps classiest tip is: less is more. Every w
oman looks great when her hair is pulled off her face. I'm a fan of pulling my hair into a ponytail, putting a bun [piece] on it and calling it a day. I get a lot of compliments when my hair is that way, and it didn't take more than two minutes. There are times it takes two hours to style my hair, and it looks good, but it's no more beautiful than when my hair is really simple. You don't always have to do a lot to achieve beauty -- especially when it comes to hair.

Well, there you have it! Miss Eva has shared some of her beauty secrets with the world. Although I agree with her "less is more" attitude, I'm not so sure about that not-tying-your-hair-up-at-night thing. Whether your hair is short or long, tying it up in a scarf at night will help keep the ends healthy and prevent breakage. In addition, I find the "I need a lot of heat," comment a little dangerous, but she looks fab, so if it works for her, fire it up!


Anonymous said...

Pulling the hair back in to a bun works for her because she has a really beautiful face, with really nice facial features. And those eyes! Most of us have to use hair to take away attention from a double chin or leftover dark spots on the face from pimples, or an uneven hair line that is thin and spotty. Don't forget a few gray hairs around the hairline you don't want people to see. Sorry Eva, some of us have to work harder just to leave the house.

DPrincess28 said...

Anonymous, you are too funny! I'm sure it's not that bad, beautiful :-).