Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dr. Miracles Anyone?

I was watching the last episode of College Hill: South Beach and noticed that just like the previous season, Dr. Miracles hair care products were spread all over the counter in the girls' bathroom. I was wondering if any of you have ever used any of these products and can tell me just what is the deal with them? I've seen ads for them throughout the black hair care magazines I read, and I know they claim to do wonders for your hair. Some of you have even mentioned that they have a temple balm that claims to regrow edges. I visited their website briefly and saw a short video they made for their Intensive Hair Oil that they claim can be used to revive heat-damaged hair.

I was just wondering if all of their products are medicated, or just some. I also wonder if the ladies on College Hill actually use these products, or is Dr. Miracles simply a sponsor for the show (I'm kinda leaning towards the latter, especially since most of the ladies on the last season, and some on this season wear weaves). Anywho, if any of you can sound off on these products, I would greatly appreciate it!




Jonesy said...

I've tried quite of few of the Dr. Miracle products in the past when I was relaxed. I haven't tried any since I've been natural. I can't remember everything I've used from the line, but the temple and nape cream, shampoo, relaxer, and some other type of leave in were among the few I've used.

In my opinion, the products aren't any different than any other products out there. It just gives you that tingling feeling for a second and the smell is strong. Some can stand it, some can't.

It is an OK brand. I don't think its anything to go run out and buy.

Anonymous said...

hello sweetie,

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lakitiamarie said...

I haven't used them before so I'm interested to see what others have to say.

Anonymous said...

I have used Dr. Miracle's products before and they are GREAT for the hair! You feel a great long lasting tingly feeling that is awesome. I saw an improvement when I was using it while I was relaxed. The only complaint I have is that it has this really strong can be overpowering at times, it's the main reason why I stopped using it. Other than that it is a wonderful product for severely damaged hair.
I have not been able to try it since I started transitioning but I would think that it is great for natural and transitioning hair. Hope this helps all the curious divas!

Natural Nini said...

Hey Dprincess I've been using Dr.Miracle products for a few months now. I noticed most of the products are medicated. I love how you can feel a tingle when you use the products. The tingle is suppose to mean its "working". I recommend them but the temple balm is sooooo greasy!! and it has to be used 2 to 3 times a day for 30day guarntee so i dont know about that

Fabbzee said...

Hey girl..its Fabs, and thanks for email back on the Aphogee, helped me alot. About the Dr. Miracle.. i must say i really don't like it b/c i used the relaxer and it made my hair fall out. After using Dr. Miracle, my hair did not want to grow back and every type of relaxer I put on, never took. it made my hair very thin. The last time i used it was in January 2008 and my hair has never been the same. So i personally don't like it. Yet it is your choice. I must say i do like Organics and Love Silk Elements.

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks for the feedback ladies! I think I'm gonna chill on these products, as I'm skeptical of anything medicated anyway.

LaaLaa, thanks so much for responding and for following! I definitely gotta get my contest entry to you ASAP! XOXO