Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Checks & Balances

Haven't you ever wondered how long it would take for you to burn off that extra slice of pizza or that extra scoop of ice cream you know you should have gone without? Well, you no longer have to wonder, as some nutritionists have calculated how long one would have to exercise in order to burn off some fast food favorites. Get the full scoop here: What Chain-Food Favorites Cost in Exercise.

I'm glad they took into account the rate at which one must exercise in order to burn a specific amount of calories, because one person's 50 minute walk may not be as effective as another's. Obviously, you'll burn more calories in a 50 minute power walk than you will in a 50 minute leisurely stroll, so the intensity with which you exercise is also, if not more important than the amount of time you put in.

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Nortorious said...

im scared to even see what some of the things I eat cost...esp since I have been in Chicago visiting my family these past 2 weeks!