Monday, June 1, 2009


A Roller Set vs. A Blow Out

Some of my divas have asked me to do a tutorial on the standard roller set. Many ladies opt to do roller sets because they feel it reduces the amount of direct heat that is placed on the hair. While flipping through an old issue of Heart & Soul magazine, I ran across a Q&A section in which a reader asked a professional hair stylist the following question: Which is better for my hair -- a roller set or blow dry and style? The stylist answered with this:

I get this question a lot. It's my professional opinion that it depends on the texture and strength of the hair. While a roller set is best to ensure hair doesn't become brittle from overuse of heating tools, it doesn't always make the hair shaft as smooth as blow-drying. Most hair textures can be set and styled on rollers, but over-processed hair, hair that's freshly relaxed and fine hair benefit the most because sets create needed volume and cause less stress on the hair. Using a blow dryer can be harsh on some hair types. It's best suited for very coarse and dry textures because it smoothes the cuticle and releases shine to the hair shaft. Blow-drying hair when wet deflates the hair and gives control.

So think about your hair's condition and the results you want when deciding between a roller set and blow-dry and style. Remember to use a leave-in conditioner on the ends when blow-drying the hair to keep them moisturized, and use a very lightweight setting product for roller-setting to keep hair from feeling heavy or "coated" (February/March 2008, pg. 30).

This great, clear cut answer made me remember why I used to rock roller sets when I was relaxed. As a fine-haired natural, it's definitely something that I want to try, for although it will take longer for me to style my hair, the payoff in the long run may be worth it.

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Catherine said...

I think he's right with this. I got my hair straightened yesterday for the first time in ten years. My hair is so shiny now.