Monday, June 1, 2009


Product Haul: My New Set of Rollers

Since I plan to attempt a roller set the next time I wish to straighten my hair, I decided it was time to update my supply of rollers. The large pink ones I use to set my hair at night are great for when my hair is already dry and straight, but I figured I would need something different to help me go from wet to dry in a decent amount of time. Thus, when I ran across this roller set at Walgreens, I knew it was what I needed to prepare for my time under the dryer:

This set, which cost $14.99, includes rollers in six different sizes -- from super jumbo to small. In addition, it comes with metal clips to secure the rollers in place, and a rattail comb to section the hair. According to the back of the case: These magnetic rollers in assorted sizes create long-lasting volume and curls for all hair lengths and textures. The smooth surface and vented design allow for easier and faster setting, and less hair breakage. Ideal for fine or thin hair.
So ladies, look out for these rollers in an upcoming tutorial!



As a Latina, I have been doing roller sets since really young just because it is believed to be the healthiest for the hair. I would love how to learn how to do it MYSELF and not depend on my sister or my mother to do them. Can't wait for the tutorial!

bluebonnet67 said...

Wow! What a great set of rollers! I will defintely have to pick a set up and get over my fear of rollersetting! Can't wait for your tutorial!

Anonymous said...

I saw this exact same pack of rollers @ Wal Mart. I was unsure of how to use the clips so I didn't get it. I'm sure that will change once you do your tutorial. Can't wait!!!

Avillacorta said...

I have that set. Love it. I got mine from walmart and I would use them when I was wrapping my hair. I would roller set the crown for lift/body and wrap the rest of my hair. Always a beautiful look.

Nortorious said...

I saw this set righjt before my graduation and contemplated getting it but was unsure as I am just getting my maybe I will if you do the tutorial and giveit a thumbs up!