Thursday, June 18, 2009


Natural-Laxer: Is it Safe?

A few days ago, I received an email from one of my divas who wanted to get my opinion on a new relaxer system called Natural-Laxer, which claims to be all natural. Apparently, there are two relaxer systems that go by this name, except one is written as Natural-Laxer and is produced by a company called Baka Beauty, and the other is Naturalaxer and is produced by African Wonders.

Now, the Naturalaxer by African Wonders not only claims to be chemical free, but promises to preserve one's natural texture. Yet, it also states that it can be used to, and I quote, "Loosen curls," "Texturize," and "Get it straight." How can you loosen your curls or straighten your hair while at the same time preserve your kinky/curly texture?

The Natural-Laxer by Baka Beauty wishes to distinguish itself from all other natural relaxer systems by claiming that it contains all natural ingredients -- herbs and Sahara clay to be exact. Unlike other relaxer systems that are acidic, Natural-Laxer is said to have a PH level similar to that of pure water. Now, my question would then be: If the PH level is similar to that of pure water, what is one's incentive for using this product? In other words, if it does very little to alter or harm the hair, what is it's purpose, and why can't one simply tame their natural texture with moisturizers, oils and or styling products?

I've never used Naturalaxer or Natural-Laxer, so I can't speak on either one from experience. I've come across a few testimonials from those who have tried both systems, so if you really want to get one's take on it, perhaps you should hear the views of those who have used it. Yet, I will say this: These are not products I would ever use or recommend my friends or family use. Why? Does a certain natural relaxer system named Rio ring a bell?

In the early 90s, I recall seeing several infomercials for Rio Hair Naturalizer system. This relaxer system claimed to be chemical free, but was later found to have a much more acidic PH level than was originally stated by the manufacturer. In fact, several users suffered not only massive hair loss, but also scalp burns. Unfortunately, the scalp burns damaged the hair follicles, rendering many of Rio's users permanently bald. To get more info on it, check out: Rio Hair Naturalizer System and Hair relaxers destroyed after consumers complain - products sold by World Rio Corp.

You ladies should know by now that I advocate natural hair to the fullest. I find that people often try to escape dealing with their real hair by either using fake hair, or chemicals that alter their natural texture. Yet, I truly believe that anyone's natural hair texture can be manageable with the right products and care. If you wish to use Naturalaxer or Natural-Laxer, that's totally up to you. I just hope you thoroughly research any new product or hair care system prior to testing it out.


Christina said...

I totally agree with you. I think natural is the way to go. I wouldn't trust any relaxer that claimed to have no chemicals because I believe it's the only way to get kinky hair straight.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS INFORMATION. TOTALLY ANSWERED ANY QUESTIONS I HAD OR COULD HAVE HAD. I don't believe there are any "natural relaxers" because if it has the word relaxer in it then obviously it isn't natural. I know there are probably many divas out there that were probably wondering about this product and you addressing it helps us on our quest to taking care of our hair NATURALLY without chemicals. Thanks!!!

lakitiamarie said...

Wow! I heard about Rio myself and if I was your inquisitive diva I would stay away. Like you said in your post: If the PH level is similar to that of pure water, what is one's incentive for using this product?
Hopefully my sister Diva will leave this product alone.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

great post, i agree with you 100%

LA Diva 00 said...

I have used Natural-Laxer. No damage done and I used it exactly according to the instructions. 3 jars for 3 weeks straight and then 1 jar ever month or so thereafter. I so absolutely no damage and a slight loosening of the curl pattern. However like you said the result was nothing that could not be achieved without this product as long as your train and maintain you hair on it’s on. That being said I would recommend and use this product again b/c it is supposed to have alot of natural minerals from the clay that its made out of that is supposed to be good for your hair.

I ordered the Naturalaxer about 3-4 years ago when I was transitioning for the first time and NEVER RECIVED MY PRODUCTS or a detailed explanation of what was going on. Cust serv called me once to say there was a delay in shipping and then I could never get them to return my calls after that. I wrote a few letters and still never heard anything. RIP OFF!!!!!