Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Having Some Fun

Hey divas,

Today I decided to have a little fun and play around with some hair/makeup looks. Remember when I tried the virtual makeover a while back ( Virtual Celebrity Makeover)? Well, I revisited's virtual makeover and played around with some more looks. They've actually updated their features, so instead of just doing hair, you can now play with eye color and makeup. Check it out here: Hollywood Makeover.

Inset is a pic of the most drastic makeover I created. I call it my Christina Milian '09 look. Nah, for real though, it's me with not only blond hair, but green eyes too. I think that's as far out as I can get!

Below are some more wacky looks, so check them out and be sure to head on over to to create some fun & crazy looks for yourself.



1 comment:

LongHairDontCare said...

*giggle* at first glance i thought that was a pic of lil' kim...LOL