Friday, June 19, 2009


New Nail Art Pens!

Sally Hansen has just unveiled their new Nail Art Pens. These pens come in a variety of colors so that you can create all kinds of interesting designs with ease. I was going to try my hand at creating designs using the Art Deco Nail polish by L.A. Colors, but seeing that it took me forever to learn how to apply my liquid liner in a straight line, I think these pens will fair much better with my lack of dexterity. The photo above depicts some of the cool designs you can create with these pens. These are definitely on my must-have list for the next time I go shopping for beauty items.

For more information on the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens, visit Sally Hansen.


Trellis said...

OH this is sooo awesome, I'm glad you've shared this with us. I was just trying to get use to the thin brush myself. I think the pens will defiantely be much better. Thanks!!

nicole123 said...

These do look like they would be much help but I went to forever 21 and I just bought those thin brushes. I thinkthey will work good...Well hopefully. Wheh you buy them, can u do a product review becaue I wanna see the results. Thanks.

Soultrii said...

yes I have seen these numerously while out at stores & I have picked them up and put them back is my goal to one day pick a few up and actually PURCHASE them lol. I just didnt want to waste money but it looks like you dont even have to be an artistic genius to utilize these nail art pens, which is cool, so Im definitely gonna try them eventually!

Dani in NC said...

I don't paint my nails, but I have three teen and tween daughters who LOVE to do their fingers and toes. These pens would be a fun stocking stuffer for them, if only to stop them from using Sharpies!