Monday, July 20, 2009


Full vs. Satisfied

Do you find it hard to pull yourself away from the table long after you've eaten a decent serving of any particular dish? If overeating seems to be a problem for you, perhaps you're not eating the right types of food. In other words, you may not be eating foods that truly satisfy your hunger.

In the Yahoo! Shine article, "Binge Proof Your Diet: 6 Foods That Keep You Full and Satisfied," you'll find a list of foods that have been proven to tame the wildest appetites. I can personally attest to the fact that almonds and apples are very satisfying, for although they don't contain a lot of volume and the portions are small in size, these foods contain the right amount of fat and or fiber to keep you feeling full for hours.

For more details, see "Binge Proof Your Diet: 6 Foods That Keep You Full and Satisfied."


lakitiamarie said...

Sometimes I run into this problem because I love to eat. My secret is to drink a full glass of water before my meal. Drinking a glass of water before my meal always helps when I'm dining with friends!

sands001 said...

i like to practice the japanese saying "hara hachi bu," which means "stop eating when you're 80% full." also, eating slower has been helpful to me, as well.