Friday, July 10, 2009


Pink & Purple

Items used to create this look:
  • EP23 Serenade palette
  • C-159 Blossom by Prestige
  • Victoria's Secret's Douse Me With Diamonds wet/dry eye shadow in Purr
I can't exactly recall what steps I took to create this look, but I'm pretty certain it went something like this:

#1. Apply the 1st color (light pink) in the EP23 Serenade palette to the inner corner of each eyelid.
#2. Apply the 2nd color in the EP23 Serenade palette next to the light pink, and stop just before you reach the outer corner.
#3. Darken up that pink by sweeping some of the C-159 Blossom on top.
#4. Apply Purr to the outer corner of each eyelid and drag into the crease.
#5. Darken up that shimmery purple by applying the last color in the EP23 Serenade palette (the purple color) on top of the Purr. Blend well.
#6. Apply the light pink (1st color) in the EP23 Serenade palette to the brow bone as a highlight.

Pics of the finished look:

I wore Sugarplum by Ulta on my lips. This sheer purple lip gloss was the perfect finishing touch to this look!


Christina said...


Cubanshortie34 said...

Very Pretty! =]

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks ladies! :-)

Miyako Nicole said...

Cute look. I like LA Colors although some colors do look ashy on me. But, it looks good on you.

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Strawbaree said...

Love this color...wonderful! Thanks!