Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Angelina Jolie Inspired Neutral Eyes

I attempted to recreate Divalicious look #1: Neutral Look inspired by Angelina Jolie. Now, this look called for peachy tones, which I don't really have, so I had to make do with the palettes I currently own. Although I don't think it looks anything like Angie's makeup (Don't you just love how I used her nickname, as if I know her personally, LOL!), I do love the look. My neutral look is much different than this, so I was glad to see that I can create another neutral look using different colors.

Items used:
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Dark brown eyebrow pencil by N.Y.C.
  • Black eyeliner pencil by N.Y.C.
  • Liquid eyeliner in Jet Black by N.Y.C.
  • Girly Girl eye shadow quad by Ulta
  • Multi-Color palette by Icing
  • EP45 Tea Time palette by L.A. Colors (I've had this palette for a long time and am just now using it!)
  • EP24 Unforgettable palette by L.A. Colors
  • Lash Stiletto mascara in very black by Maybelline
  • #118 false eyelashes

#1. Line eyes starting from the center of the lid and drag it out past the corner with the eyeliner pencil. Make the line thicker as you advance towards the corner of the eye (Angelina Jolie has a heavy wing and doesn't really concentrate much eyeliner toward the inner corner of the eye).

#2. Trace over the pencil liner with the liquid liner to set it.

#3. Line the lower lid with the eyeliner pencil.

#4. Apply the first color in the EP45 Tea Time palette to the lid below the crease.

#5. Apply the peachy color in the Multi-color palette by Icing on top. Blend it in.

#6. Apply the 4th color from the left (golden brown color) in the EP24 Unforgettable palette to the outer corner of the eye and drag into the crease.

#7. Apply the darkest brown color in the EP24 Unforgettable palette (last color from the left) on top of the golden brown. Be sure to blend well in order to darken up the outer corner and crease.

#8. Touch up the peachy color (The one from the Multi-color Icing palette) in the center of the lid.

#9. Add the lightest color (the white) from the Girly Girl eye shadow quad by Ulta to the inner corner of each eye.

#10. Apply the same peachy color from the Multi-color Icing palette that was used on the lid to the brow bone as a highlight.

#11. I then applied mascara and #118 false eyelashes, and this was the result:

I used the following items to complete my look:
  • Pür 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup in Deeper
  • Blot powder by Mac (Not shown)
  • Gold bronzer by Icing
  • Raizin powder blush by Mac
  • Poser lipstick by Sally Girl



Wow thanks for posting how you apply your eyeliner!!! Your makeup looks flawless once again!!!

lakitiamarie said...

Very cute look! I see you have mastered putting on the falsies, LOL! I'm still working on it. BTW…I wanted to let you know that I found LA Color eye shadow palettes at my local beauty supply store for $1.29. I’m not sure where you purchase your palettes but I had to let you know. So check your local beauty supply store that’s not a major chain like Sally’s. You may find them in your area for cheap as well! Take care!!

DPrincess28 said...

Thank you ladies!!! I get my L.A. Colors from one of my fave clothing stores: Styles For Less. They also sell them for around $1.29 or something cheap like that. Thanx again! XOXO

Kay said...

Hey Girl, The makeup looks beautiful. You know I'm not a makeup girl myself, but it looks really nice on you!