Monday, August 10, 2009


My First Time Using Bumpits

Last Thursday I shared with you divas how I Got My Bumpits!. Well, I tested them out on Friday, and recorded the following video to demonstrate how I used them to style my hair:

Pics of the final result:

The Bumpit stayed in my hair all night, and I never once felt like it was going to slide out. The teeth in the comb do a great job of securing the Bumpit to the hair, and although I feared that the teeth would get stuck in my hair, the Bumpit was surprisingly easy to remove. I will definitely be playing with these again in the future to see what other fabulous styles I can create.


Avillacorta said...

Cool....I've been eyeing those bump its. Glad to see you use it in a tutorial. Thx

Janelle said...

Thanks again for the review...they were on my list to get, but hair is fine so I was wondering about them...Cute hair do...It looks like your hair is really growing..

Precious said...

I love the BumpIts! I got mine not too long ago when I saw that the price was reduced. They used to be $19.99 but now they cost $9.99.

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks ladies. And yes Janelle, it seems like my hair has grown a lot this summer--but it seems my hair always grows fast in the summer.

Eclecticldy said...

thanks for showing how to use bumpits. i've been thinking about getting one. the style looks really good on you :)