Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hair Q&A

In Hype Hair magazine, readers are given an opportunity to ask questions regarding hair care. Although I've given out a ton of advice regarding hair care both here and on my YouTube channel, I've mentioned many times that I am not a licensed cosmetologist. I therefore love it whenever I see a hair care article by a professional that validates a lot of the advice that I've dished out.

Below are two questions that were answered in the August/Fall 2009 issue of Hype Hair magazine ("Hair Q&A," page 28). One is regarding weaves, and the other hair breakage. I know I've answered these questions before, but I wanted to share with you what the pros have to say regarding these issues.

Question: I want to get a hair look like Kelly Rowland's. She wore her hair in a jet-black shade with long layers. I am going to achieve it with a weave. Since this is an investment, how long can I leave a weave in my hair?
Answer: The length of time that you can leave your weave or extensions in varies. It can be anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks. However, this depends upon how the hair is maintained as well as the natural growth of the hair. To get the most out of your weave, visit your professional hair designer regularly. Maintenance is key, and we advise seeing your stylist every two weeks as you would with your own hair. Your hairstylist can check for slippage. Often consumers pop sewing thread when they comb their hair. Then the track becomes loose. Your stylist can check for such things and prevent tracks from coming out.

Question: What steps can I take at home to reduce hair breakage?
Answer: First, talk to your doctor before introducing any vitamins into your diet. That said, hair vitamins could provide your body with important nutrients that can help supply the body with more of what it needs to grow hair. Poor nutrition and lack of proper vitamins can have adverse effects on hair growth. After doing your routine shampoo and moisturizing conditioning treatment, apply a leave-in hair strengthener such as Infusium 23 Moisturizing Leave-in Treatment. This product is great for dry and unmanageable hair. Infusium 23 Moisturizing Leave-in Treatment instantly repairs and strengthens damaged hair, moisturizes hair from root to tip and detangles wet or dry hair instantly.


Avillacorta said...

It's good to know that you keep up with a lot of the hair Mags. Great article, I'm glad someone mentioned vitamins, I tell my clients that for their nails.

DPrincess28 said...

Yes, and I'm glad the pro said to CHECK WITH A DOCTOR first, 'cause I know firsthand that vitamins are no joke. They can make you sick if you're not careful.