Thursday, August 13, 2009


My First Makeover!

Last weekend, my girl asked me to do her makeup for her big birthday bash. I have NEVER done anyone's makeup before in my life. Even though I have sisters, I have never even practiced on them. As many of you already know, I just got into makeup last year after watching YouTube videos. I've said many times before that I've learned a lot from watching Goldenchild789. She really inspired me to play with makeup more than I had in the past. She's really good at mixing colors that you wouldn't think of putting together, so I learned a lot about blending from her. QueenofBlending is really good at mixing colors too.

My friend bought a really pretty red dress for her party, and she wanted her makeup to complement the look. Here's a before pic of her sans makeup:

As you can see, she's a beautiful woman already. Since I've never done anyone's makeup before, I wanted to do a subtle look to err on the side of caution. Below are the items I used for the eyes:
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion (Not shown)
  • Blond Pearl by NYX
  • C-179 Golden Retriever by Prestige
  • Raizin powder blush by Mac (Yes, I used this as eye shadow)
  • 9 Eye Palette by Kleancolor
  • EP24 Unforgettable palette by L.A. Colors
  • Black liquid eyeliner by Jordana (Not shown)

#1. After priming the lids, I applied Blond Pearl by NYX to the inner corner of each eye.
#2. I then applied C-179 Golden Retriever on top of the Blond Pearl to give it more shimmer.
#3. Using an all over shadow brush, I applied Raizin powder blush by Mac to the center of each lid. I then took my blending brush to smooth out the color and blend it in with the gold.
#4. I applied some of the sparkly red eye shadow in the 9 Eye Palette by Kleancolor (the third color from the left in the top row) on top of the Raizin powder blush.
#5. To define the crease, I applied the dark brown color (last color from the left) in the EP24 Unforgettable palette to the outer corners and the crease using my angled brush by Avon.
#6. To highlight the brow bone, I used some of the golden brown color in the EP24 Unforgettable palette and bronzer by Icing.
#7. I lined the upper lids with some black liquid eyeliner by Jordana, and this was the finished product:

To finish the face, I used:
  • Blot powder by Mac
  • Gold bronzer by Icing
  • Raizin powder blush by Mac
  • NYX lipstick pencil in Deep Red


Happy Birthday!


...ALLmEYEne... said...

Girl you did a wonderful job. I think the first time I tried make-up on my friend it was very challenging and didn't come out like I wanted, but I'm slowly getting better at it. Oh and GoldenChild789 was my inspiration to post videos.

Avillacorta said...

Your friends hair is gorgeous, Outfit Awesome and Makeup is flawless! Great job! Happy Birthday.

bluebonnet67 said...

You did a great job for it being your first time doing someone else's makeup!

DPrincess28 said...

Thank you ladies for the kudos and the compliment regarding my friend. It wasn't bad for my first time, but I definitely wish I could have done more. Oh well, I guess I'll have to find more faces to practice on! Oh, and it's good to see that Goldenchild789 inspired someone else too...although I'm sure she has inspired a lot of ladies :-).

Lovely_Miss01 said...

Hi Miss Diva. Lovely pictures. I am looking for a good bonnet hood dryer. I have very long hair, I want one but have no clue which ones are good. Do you know of any on the market that is worth trying? Price range 40-65