Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm Excited You Plan to "Take Back Your Hair!"

Hey Divas,

I'm so happy that many of you wish to take part in the "Take Back Your Hair" Challenge I posted a few days ago. I'd really love to see more of you participate and truly work on establishing a hair care regimen that will not only enable you to see growth by the end of the challenge (a period of three months), but beyond. I too will take part by posting updates, and as some of you suggested, plan to begin the challenge on September 1. I think starting on the first of the month will make things much easier to track.

I will be straightening my hair on Friday, the 28th, so I'll be taking my "start" or "before" photo this weekend. For those of you who wish to participate and also plan to begin the challenge on the first, please submit photos showing your current length to either by the 1st or on it. I will then post our pictures here and will check in with you ladies periodically to see how you're doing during the challenge. Then, at the end of the three months, we will post our fabulous "after" photos here to share with the rest of the ladies.

Those of you who plan to participate and follow the rules of the challenge (See them here: "Take Back Your Hair" Challenge), please remember that hair growth is an internal process, so regardless of what you do to the outside, you have to take care of the inside. Thus, be sure to eat healthy and exercise in order to assist with your progress and to ensure a healthy body overall.

Happy hair growing ladies!





I am going to join this challenge.

bluebonnet67 said...

I will start on Sept 1 also!

blkprincess87 said...

I actually started this challenge I think the day after u posted lol I wish I would've waited to start on the first

ColdDiva said...

I am joining by default!...But honestly I was going to join anyway, with no heat!...I just had a surgery done on my scalp to remove a lesion/small mass. And she said no chemical process for 6 said don't worry I got that covered!

*Quick side note ladies..I know as women of many beautiful shade we feel we are exempt from certain diseases because of our melanin in our skin. I'm here to attest the possibility of skin cancer is very real for all shades as long as you are apart of the human race! Keep up with maintaining your health and keep a good relationship with your doctors!
Stay Beautiful Chicas!

Avillacorta said...

As we speak I am having my husband help me take this sew in out and all of closet girlfriends are behind me one hundred percent on helping me get through this challenge! LOL I'm already taking prenatal vitamins so I just need to be more consistant with the exercising.

Natzonice said...

I'm so doing this challenge! I just took photo's, I don't know whether it's too late to send them in but I'll send them in anyway :D. Thanks alot DPrincess28