Friday, August 7, 2009


Night Wine by Nabi & Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens
Last week I painted my nails this deep wine color called Night Wine by Nabi:

I added my favorite flower design to my big toes, and attempted to use the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen I recently purchased at Ulta (Go to New Nail Art Pens to see my original post). I bought the white nail pen hoping it would help me create a French manicure with ease…

As you can see, my first attempt came out a little sloppy. These pens aren't as easy to draw with as I thought. For one, the polish comes out very thin, so I had to apply two coats just to get the white tips to not look faint. Even when I attempted to draw a design (I don't have a picture of it because I was just testing out the pen to see if it worked), it came out very light, so I would have had to retrace the image if I were really trying to make it work.

I was further disappointed when I applied a top coat of clear polish to my nails. I thought my nails had dried, but apparently the red wasn't completely dry, as the white tips got washed out and ended up looking pink when all was said and done:

The jury's still out on this one. I don't know if I like these pens or not. In addition to purchasing the nail art pen, I also purchased the Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen by Sally Hansen in black. It's basically a pen with a brush at the end. I guess it's supposed to make painting your nails easier because you don't have to keep dipping the brush inside a tube. Instead, you just click on the back of the pen like you would any other pen. I'll be doing a full review on that later.

Until next time…

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bluebonnet67 said...

Pretty nail color, where is Nabi sold? I have never heard of that brand.