Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Short Hair, Don't Care

Hey Divas,

One of my divas by the name of NaJaDee advised me that she would like to participate in the "Take Back Your Hair" Challenge, but doesn't feel that she can abide by the "no heat" rule due to the length of her hair. My question is this: Why can't you short haired divas rock a heat-free style? I happen to know quite a few short haired natural ladies who simply mold their hair into place with styling balms. I would think those of you who are relaxed would therefore have an even easier time with this. Heat-free styles such as braid outs and twist outs can also work on short hair -- whether you're relaxed or natural.

If you feel that your hair is so short that not using heat would be extremely difficult, why not opt to do roller sets during the challenge? That way, even though you'll be using heat from a hooded dryer, you are still minimizing the amount of direct heat placed on the hair. If any of you divas have suggestions you can offer your short-haired sisters, please do so here. I would like to see as many ladies participate in this challenge as possible. And, if you're like blkprincess87 and started the challenge the day after I posted the details instead of waiting until September 1st, don't fret. You should still submit your before photo to DPrincess_28@yahoo.com. The good thing is you'll just be ahead of the game!




Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right. For a while I felt I couldn't do much with my short hair in the beginning of my being natural, but I can do A LOT with my hair. I'll rock a Pam Grier fro on one day and a twist out the next! LOL

blkprincess87 said...

Lol it caught me as a surprise to see my name on someone else's blog lol....I was thinkin about this also I braided up my hair but I strongly doubt I will keep my hair braided for the full 3 months....I tried a twist out on my relaxed hair and it didn't come out the way I hope....any suggestions?

Anonymous said...


I will try my best to use heat free styling! The front of my hair is longer so I think I can do a braid out on it. Thanks for the encouragement!

Avillacorta said...

I think I'm fine with the no heat part, but when you are used to just wrapping your hair up at night and just undoing it in the morning, it's hard to find a different style. But what I have been doing is forum and product site researching on different transition styles and products used to help with the styling. Also talked to one of my FaceBook friends who I never knew until a couple of months ago was natural. She told me that my 2 strand twist style that I tried on my hair probably came out frizzy looking because of the products I used. Me not knowing exactly what to use in my hair I used gel on wet hair. Now I know that gel was definitely not what my hair liked or needed. LOL it dried my hair out. So now I know I need some hair creme or butter (not exactly any of those things but similar things) to put the moisture into my hair and it will make the style come out better. I took my sew in out yesterday and I went and got a trim today. So now that I know what I need to put in my hair and what those products do for your hair (Thx Dprincess for the info) I will try the 2 strand twist out again. And I'm looking into trying out the Kinky Curly- Curling Custard to achieve my style.

Jennifer said...

I did big chop, so initially I was just wearing a fro. At that point of time, I was using Miss Jesse's products and wetting my hair (during the summer time) and it naturally curled by itself. The following fall, I started getting my hair twisted. Now I wear my hair in twists and/or take the twists apart to have a very curly look. If I don't feel like going to the hair stylist to twist my hair or trying to do it myself, I use Deva Curl and/or Kinky Curly products on my hair while wet and it becomes naturally curly fro. Good luck.