Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hair & Makeup

Reunion Makeover

A few weeks ago my sister attended her 20 year class reunion. She asked me to do her hair and makeup, and I eagerly obliged! Below is all the fun details regarding her makeover. Enjoy!

The Hair
My sister hasn't quite learned how to straighten her hair. I believe that the key to getting the hair straight and keeping it from frizzing up is to use the right balance of moisture and heat. A lot of people ask me to recommend a great flat iron to use during the process, but I think the tools aren't as important as the technique. As you can see from her before photo, which was the result of her attempt at straightening, she hasn't quite gotten the technique down:

Hair before: dry and frizzy

The first thing I did was impart much needed moisture to the hair. I began by spraying some Megasilk Olive Heat Protection Spray throughout, then sectioned the hair into small buns to allow the product to soak in. Next, I took small sections of hair, starting from the back, and ran my GVP Generic Chi through it in order to straighten it out:

Straightening the hair

Next, I took some Firm Hold Designing Spritz by African Essence, which my friend left at my house that I have yet to return :-), and used it to prep the hair for curling. This spritz, in conjunction with the Megasilk Olive Heat Protection Spray, really helped lay the hair down flat, and resist humidity.

Spritzing the hair

Bumping the ends

I placed the hair in pin curls (for the full tutorial, see Pincurls!), then moved on to the makeup!

The Makeup
I knew my sister was planning to wear a pretty blue dress to her reunion, so I decided to do a dramatic eye for the evening that complemented the dress. Here is her before photo:

Items used:
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Ice Queen by Ulta
  • Medium blue hue by Icing (Sorry, no name or number)
  • Night Sky by Ulta
  • Multi-Flash eye shadow trio by Smashbox
  • Black liquid liner by Jordana
  • Black eyeliner pencil by N.Y.C.
  • Lash Stiletto mascara in very black by Maybelline
  • False eyelashes (Not shown. Don't remember the number, sorry!)
  • P├╝rminerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup in Deeper (Used under eyes as concealer only)
  • Blot powder by Mac in Dark
  • Loverush powder blush by Mac
  • Bronzer by Icing
  • Tea Time by Mac
  • Lipnotic Gem Gloss by Sally Hansen in Rich
Once the makeup was complete, I sprayed the hair with oil sheen, removed the pin curls, and combed the hair in place. Here are the results:

Hair after

Face after

And now, for the total look:

My sister was very pleased with her makeover, and received several compliments on her hair and makeup at the reunion. She was glad that I introduced her to eye shadow primer, because it was the first time her eye shadow stood the test of time. In addition, she enjoyed the fact that I only used the P├╝rminerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup as concealer, because her face didn't have that cakey, slimy feeling that one can get after wearing foundation for hours -- especially if one has oily skin.

That's it for this makeover. More to come…



You did a very good job! Can I be next in line to get a makeover? LOL.

SkyeRose said...

She looks red carpet ready! you did a great job. I love the pin curl idea while applying the make up. Man... I love this page!

Honeybea said...

Your sister looked really nice! You did a great job! Thanks for the makeup tutorials. I always want to wear eye makeup but never feel like I know the right combinations or know exactly where to place certain colors. I apprieciate the tutorials. When I get some time I am going to experiment more.


...ALLmEYEne... said...

That looks really good. Loving the make-up also.

lakitiamarie said...

Wow! You did a GREAT job! Big sis was fierce for her reunion!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job. She looked great :) I really love the eye makeup.

gurly said...

primer?! maybe that's why my eye shadows never last the whole day, thanks! and she looks amazing, you did a great job on her :-D

invisiblegirl said...

Your sister looks great! I was surprised when I saw her face how young she looks.

And if that is you at the bottom, you are very pretty as well.

Avillacorta said...

Love the hair just moisturized hair changed the entire look of her hair. Good the nude lips. What's blot powder?

DPrincess28 said...

Thank you ladies for all your wonderful comments! I'll be sure to pass them along to my sister :-).

Beautique, I'd love to give you a makeover! We would have so much fun :-). XOXO

DPrincess28 said...

Avillacorta, blot powder is a powder MAC carries that serves to knock the shine off your face. It is therefore very light and doesn't deposit any color.

bluebonnet67 said...

You did a great job! You sister is beautiful! Have you thought about being a makeover consultant on the side? LOL!

Siroda said...

I agree with the other Divas, you did an awesome job! I can do makeup on myself but when it comes to other people, I am no artist. So I think its great that you were able to use your techniques to get such great results on your sis.

d said...

It's amazing how you turned her hair to such pretty curls that one would think it can only be done on relaxed hair. I have seen your sister on one of your youtube videos and she looks great. Congrats to the two of you for keeping it real. Love it~!

Mrs. Denga said...

She looks really nice.