Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Spy Some New Faces

I just wanted to say, "Welcome," to all my new divas! Thank you so much for following Protecting Your Crown & Glory! I'm glad to have ya :-)!

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SkyeRose said...

I'm new!!! I am soooo happy that I came across you youtube channel which led me here to your blog. I am doing a whole life make over and with my hair included and I just said to myself “my hair just isn’t growing fast enough, what I can do”?! so when I can across your page I notice your hair grade is the same as mine! All of the ideas and suggestions you have a wonderful so keep up the good work and PLEASE stay as positive as possible. The message for the haters was right on time, and I love people who won’t let miserable people shake them. .. GOOD FOR YOU! Thanks again for creating this page for women like me who loves to learn from others and can appreciate it.

Oh… and I did the bun on both sides last night and took it down this morning and a lady here on my job complemented my hair, so again… thanks for the idea!

God Bless!

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks for the support hun! I'm glad to be of help :-). XOXO