Thursday, September 10, 2009

Special Update!!!

Since I posted the message below, I've received several comments from my divas. First, I'd like to say "Thank you," for commenting! I've said many times before that comments are always welcome and greatly appreciated! I'm not just begging for attention, as comments let me know how well I'm serving you. Case in point: I received a comment from a follower, who shall remain nameless, who had A LOT to say about my blog. I would like to address that reader's comments, for they were very insightful, and did not incite rage as she feared, but instead made me aware of some very important issues.

#1. The reader stated that my page is not reader or comment friendly! She basically explained that some of the ads on my page overlay my posts and that the white text against a black background is hard to read.
  • I have since changed the margins so now the ads should not interfere with the posts. They never appeared to overlay my posts on my end, so I had no idea this was an issue! If this continues to pose as a problem, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  • I would like for everyone to let me know in the comment box if the text is difficult to read. AND, please specify if it's just a matter of changing the font size, or if I should change the black background to a lighter color.
#2. The reader stated that my posts get wordy.
  • As a professional writer and editor, I am fully aware that a lot of people in this day and age simply don't like to read. I therefore do my best to keep my posts short and sweet. HOWEVER, I try to include pertinent information, so sometimes I can't squeeze a lot of information in 100 words or less. In addition, I try to intersperse pictures with each post so you won't feel bombarded with a large block of text. Yet, if my posts are simply verbose and bore you, then I apologize.
#3. The reader stated that people are hesitant to post because they can't post anonymously.
  • When I first started my blog, I allowed anyone to comment: readers, their friends, and even their dogs and cats. Yet, if you read A Message To The Haters, then you'd know that I had to change my settings so that only registered users could comment simply because cowards use the anonymous title most often. Now, I did get some very friendly, insightful feedback from some anonymous users, but nine times out of ten, the comments left by anonymous posters were rude, crude, and just down right disrespectful. Constructive criticism is one thing, but there was nothing constructive about the messages that were being posted by anonymous users. Do I need to hear that I'm fat or ugly? No. Do I need to hear that the text on my blog is difficult to read? YES! And more often than not, a TRUE diva will tell me that, and not some random person who doesn't care to follow my blog! And, if you find the information I provide so helpful, why not support a sistah in her mission and officially register and make your support known?!
#4. Another reader informed me that she recieves an error message each time she tries to post a comment.
  • I apologize if more of you have encountered this issue. Why this is happening, I haven't a clue. I'm going to look into getting a Cbox so you guys can post comments with no specific relevance to any post. That way, if you have something to say that doesn't directly correlate to any post, everyone can view your comment and my response.
Thanks again for all the feedback! I greatly appreciate it and will continue to use it to better serve you and make Protecting Your Crown & Glory one of the best sites around! Don't forget that in addition to posting comments here, you can always shoot an email to

Be blessed!



More Followers = Less Comments?

Feedback is always helpful, and gives us bloggers ideas for future posts, as well as inspiration to continue…Is this thing on??




nyoung said...

lol..I will definetely comment on more of your blog posts if that's what you need to keep the inspiration to do these. I seriously check this blog every morning monday thru friday like clockwork after checking my e-mail because I love all the different advice and facts I learn. I hope you keep it up!!!

...ALLmEYEne... said...

The mic is on and I read your blog daily. Looking forward to make-up post using your new palette. And maybe hair tips for the newly natural w/ serious texture...LOL.

lakitiamarie said...

I concur with nyoung!

Anonymous said...

Hey D. I try to comment every now and then but i will make sure 2 comment more....but i do read your blog every single day...your blog is so informative..please keep it going :)

Anonymous said...

I second that nyoung. I check this blog everyday (m-f) whenever I get the chance. I love your blog and I will definitely start commenting more....

Laquita said...

lol - I also check the blog regularly - for me I do it from work (sneaking in) so have to keep my comments to a minimum ;o) - but I will be sure to add my thoughts more often.

smartlilbunny7 said...

I do not think that you need to change the layout of your blog. I think it looks great! I personally feel like the black background makes the words pop out more. The font is perfect! It's not too big and not too small. I enjoy everything that you post on your blog and I read it thoroughly (but I do love to read). I remember the first time I saw your blog I commented on how nice the layout was. I've been on some blogs and it's the traditional white background with black lettering. I think yours is creative and it pops. I love it!

Soultrii said...

I actually love mostly everything about your site! Like I have said before- it is very are chock full of valuable information and I try to come daily (M-F) to read, watch, and digest all info you put on here and the inspirational scriptures.

The white on black text hurts my eyes a little bit. I would love to see a softer color like the purple your directive links are on the right side to "Find What You Need". I and the ads were in the way but I will admit I was afraid to say something because I figured its your blog & you can have whatever you want on it & if I dont like it I can leave lol (which I cant cuz its too informative! lol) But the ads aren't in the way anymore. Thanks to the person who made you aware of that and thank YOU DPrincess for fixing that =) Keep doing ya thang bc I love this site & Im not going anywhere!

bluebonnet67 said...

I love commenting on your blog! I want you to keep giving us all the helpful information you have! So thanks for taking the time out to research,test products, and demonstrate different techniques for us divas!

SarahPaulina said...

the only the i can really say that bores me is that some of your posts do get wordy, but like you said, your a writer and it is hard to say everything you need and want to say in 100 words or less. but i think the lay out of ur sight is fine, the white font isn't hard to read against the black background.

lakitiamarie said...

I'm glad you received some positive feedback that you can actually use. As far as the ads on your page, I had the same issue but I thought the problem was on my end. I check your blog doing work hours and some ads and sites are prohibit on my work computer. So I didn't think to notify you of the issue. #2 Lengthy/wordy posts, I guess this is a personal preference because I find your blogs to be the perfect length. I have read other's blogs and they are pages long and I just skip over them. You do a good job with inserting pics within the blog in order to keep your reader's attention and focus. I'm glad our fellow diva spoke up. I will do the same in the future. Have a great weekend!!

SweetlyBlessed said...


I just joined & I have been reading your blog almost everyday for about 6months. I love this blog! When I started reading your blog I used to think how well written & thought out your blog was and then I read somwhere that you are a writer & I knew why. I don't think it's "wordy" isn't it supposed to be"wordy"? its a BLOG PPLE? Well done you do an amazing job & I love the daily devotions they are great:D

Jasmine said...

I love your Blog. I recently started viewing it since Sept. 1 but i look at it almost everyday. Your site gives me many ideas to do with hairstyles. Also i have been very inspired to take care of my hair. Ive been searching the web and read for hours literally hours about how to take care of my hair. However your site is the only one i check back on everyday. THANKYOU!

p.s I dont believe you writing to much is boring as said above.

d said...

Well, I think you have a very attractive page and I like to read. The only thing that I would suggest which I think you already looking into that is to find comments done earlier to your site and view your response. For example I posted a comment about skin care. I asked if you could do research on the effect of petroleum on skin care. I can't find it anywhere. Thats about it. God bless.

Janelle said...

D, You know I have been following the blog from day one. I look forward to reading it every single day. It is actually the only blog I follow daily.