Monday, September 14, 2009

Skin Care

How to Lighten Elbows & Knees: Update #1…Sort of

Okay, so my girl Kkolicole called me out regarding my skin care post on How to Lighten Elbows & Knees. I stated in my original post, which was published on July 21 that I would check in in a month to let you ladies know if my mixture of Rubbing Alcohol and lemon juice succeeded at lightening my elbows and knees…

Well, I hate to report that I did not remain diligent with my regimen! I believe I was faithful for like, two days straight, then started treating my knees and elbows every other day. I kept pushing it off, until I eventually stopped. Unfortunately, I'm still leaning on my left elbow (and am doing so now as I type this post), so I know that hasn't improved one bit!

Sorry divas, but I need to get back on my reggie before I even think of posting an update. Hopefully some of you were better than I was at remaining consistent. If so, I'd love to hear how things worked for you.



smartlilbunny7 said...

I must have missed this post. Wow, I never thought lemon juice would be a great way to reduce discoloring in the skin. I must try this out, asap!

ColdDiva said...

Hey there Diva!...No worries...I never started the reggie either even though it was great advice...I'm getting ready to start and maintain since I'm curious to see if it will really work out....TAKE 2!


d said...

I would recommend you use Lubriderm lotion. Its easier to keep up with. Just apply after every shower. I did that and it worked for me.