Thursday, October 8, 2009


Guilt-Free Desserts!

I envy those that say, "I'm not big on sweets," because I don't just have a sweet tooth -- I have sweet teeth! I love sweets, but not necessarily the decadent kinds. Although I've never been big on cookies and cake, I do love me some sour candy and gummy bears. Luckily for those of you who do love decadent, calorie-laden sweets, there are some guiltless varieties out there for you to try. To get the scoop on some low cal dessert options, check out Gulitless Indulgences: Six 100-calorie (or less!) desserts.

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MagnificentReign said...

I'm not a big candy girl myself. I recently have gotten into the 100 calorie packs. My favorite being the Oreo's. Especially because I like the flavor of the original cookies, but not always the richness of the cream center. I think I will have to try that indoor S'more. I'm all for simple sweets!