Thursday, October 8, 2009


Purple Diamond

I got a professional manicure and pedicure last weekend, but I brought along my own nail polish. I purchased this really pretty purple color called Purple Diamond, and it's full of sparkles. I got so many compliments from the nail techs and customers. I think the nail techs were a little mad that the color beat out the options they had to offer :-). Yet, I usually bring my own polish with me in case I have to do touch ups later.

These photos don't even capture the true sparkly essence of this color, but you get the point.


blkprincess87 said...

I love that color....who is it made by?

MagnificentReign said...

What a good idea to bring your nail polish with you in case you have to do touch-ups. I guess that's why the nail shops often sell the colors. I just never thought it an option to bring outside colors in. Beautiful results and thanks for the tip!

bluebonnet67 said...

Very Nice color! Yes, I bring my own nail polish also!

JusCallMeShellz said...

We have something in common. I always take my own color too:-)