Friday, October 30, 2009

RE: Why??

Hey divas,

I'm glad you guys got a kick out of my last intro. And yes, I know we ladies can also do things that get on our significant other's nerves, but that still doesn't stop us from scratching our heads in wonder from time to time. It's funny, because after I posted it, I got in MY car (emphasis on my, not his) to find that my husband had changed the radio station settings! Now I have to reprogram them to match the settings I originally had…Ugggh!




Eternally Fixated said...

Love your Blog!!!!!

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ColdDiva said...

Ok..I'm on this scenario...when I was so much as touch to a different pre-tuned station on my fiance's radio he would flip on me like I had committed grand larceny!!!...But when I moved to a new town and painstakingly found new stations I get in the car and find much to my chagrin he took it upon himself to change not 1 but all 6 stations!!!..Are you friggin serious!...then proceeds to give me a stupid grin and says what...thought you would like these stations better...

Avillacorta said...

See now you have got me started as I'm cleaning the house this morning. LOL Don't get me started on MY TRUCK! Why are my seat settings always changed? It used to be programmed, why wouldn't he just program his settings in number 2. What's up with that? And why don't he use my side of the his and her sink? I already have to deal with my son's invasion of space now I have to deal with my husband too! I promise you if I move over to his sink he will follow me. I'm telling you D I want to build a new house with 2 master suites. I just need my own room. LOL that would be something wouldn't it?