Friday, November 13, 2009


My Trip to New York!

A few weeks ago I announced that I was heading to New York and was looking for some divas to show me around. Although two responded to my New York, New York, The City of Dreams post, only one came through. My beautiful diva named NTRALbeauty was kind enough to take my friends and me to a fabulous Thai restaurant for dinner before we walked around the city and snapped a bunch of pics at Times Square. As requested, I am sharing some of the pics from my trip with you here. Enjoy!



PS. As always, you can click on any of the pics to enlarge.

Day one was low key, as I had just flown in and my party and I needed to get settled. Yet, day two was all about fun, so we started out by having a delicious breakfast at a diner in Manhattan, not too far from Central Park.

My friend and I at the diner
My delicious French toast & bacon. Yum! :P

Of course I had to walk off my meal, so we took a stroll through Central Park.

Me posing on a rockThe seals at the zoo inside the park
A beautiful fountain inside the park
Me sitting by the fountain

As we were heading back toward the entrance of the park, we stopped to hear a soloist play a few tunes on his cello...

The soloist played so well that he should have been at Carnegie Hall and not Central Park!

Right after we left the soloist, we spotted some break dancers preparing for their noon time show.

The break dancers warming up

And here are two short videos I recorded of their performance:

Later that evening, my friends and I met up with my diva NTRALBEAUTY, who took us to a nice, quiet restaurant called the Bangkok House, which is located on West 46th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue.

The restaurant Me with NTRALBEAUTYAll of us at dinner
The deliciousness: Fried calamari as an appetizer, and chicken Pad Thai as the main dish

After dinner, we walked over to Times Square and took a bunch of photos.

Me at Times Square
Me and NTRALBEAUTY posing on the street

Luckily, we found a kind stranger that was nice enough to take a picture of all four of us:

The one thing I love to get while in New York are those big pretzels they sell off of trucks. Yet, I unfortunately didn't have an opportunity to get one this time. Apparently, pretzels aren't the hot commodity though, as each night my friend and I noticed a large line wrapped around the block for Halal food cart. We interviewed a few people in line, as we had no idea what was being served, or why everyone was willing to wait so long. A few individuals told us that they had come from New Jersey just to get a big container of the delicious chicken, lamb, or beef with rice that is prepared for only $6.00. Considering how expensive dining options are in the city, I can see why people were willing to wait!

The Halal food cart
The long line for the Halal food cart
I guess I'll have to see what all the hype is about on my next trip, 'cause $6.00 is definitely a good price!

So, that's pretty much the gist of my trip. The rest was all business, but as you can see, I didn't skimp on my healthy hair regimen even while traveling, as I wore my satin scarf on the plane ride back home:

Bye bye New York!
That was my third visit to New York, and I still haven't had a chance to venture outside of Central Manhattan (other than what I saw during a three hour bus tour). On my next trip, I'd love to learn more about Harlem, the Soho District, Greenwich Village, as well as Brooklyn and the Bronx. I also haven't taken the subway or the train, so there are still other adventures to be had!

That's it for now. I have some other hair-related tidbits to post about the trip in upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!


CocoEuro said...

oh Halal food carts...i lived off of those in college! We called it Street Meat! We did not know what we were eating but it kept us alive!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Glad you had fun....that line WAS quite long!!

bluebonnet67 said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like you guys had fun!

Ruthie J said...

Looks like you had a great time! I live in NJ, right in hudson, so I am so close to NY, but haven't experienced many of those adventures yet either. Next time your in a group like that, or even with your hubby, 'DIP' NY is a great place to go. Its mostly gourmet fondue, drinks and a lounge. they have a website and it was featured in Rachel ray's food network show.

Ruthie J said...

-_- oh wow.. they actually closed =( .. It has a lot of reviews and everything but apparently they are no longer located on Murray hill in NYC. One thing about NY though, where there is one trendy, fondue lounge, there are 50 just like it opening somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

LOVE NYC! You have to go to the village and also Queens. You can your "bootleg" shopping on at Canal Street and I love SOHO! Miss NYC

Avillacorta said...

Great pics. Looks like tons of fun. I can't wait to go to NY. I've never been. Glad you were able to find a diva from the area to show you around. Your hair looked great. So did Ntralbeauty.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I wish I had known you were coming to NYC. I have not checked your blog in a while so I had no idea. I definitely would of been able to show you guys around, as I am a life long New Yorker, and I live on the upper east side of Manhattan. Well, the invitation for a sightseeing tour of Harlem and brunch at Amy Ruth's or dinner at Sylvia's is extended for your next trip out here.

Just email me at

Ms. Harmony said...

Wow you guys had a lot of fun! Yay to NTRLBeeauty for meeting up and showing you a great time. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!!

Astride said...

Maybe next time you can come to Queens! =]

Not really much out here though...haha...I'm a BK girl @ heart, even tho I haven't lived there since I was 7!