Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!

It was one year ago today that I uploaded my first video, 10 Tips for Healthy Hair, on YouTube. That video is one of my most viewed and top rated videos to date. Today my channel, Protecting Your Crown and Glory, has over 9,000 subscribers, and my blog, 699. I am so thankful for the success of my channel, and have to share this joyous moment with you, my divas. Without your support, my channel and blog would not be what it is. Thank you so much!

Peace & blessings,



Janelle said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday. You were definitely an inspiration to keeping me on my journey.

Miss Trini said...

Dprincess, you have inspired me to go on with this natural hair journey in which I was a second away from getting a relaxer! I became a devoted follower this pasted summer. It will be two years of being natural next year in July. Keep doing your thing : )

Shurtie said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary DPrincess with many more to come....

You have been a blessing to many. Your channel was the first that I subscribed on my quest. You have inspired me to become naturally me. I did the B/C on September 15, 2009. It was a now or never moment. I must say, I am loving my hair. It has become a true learning experiences; I am learning to be true to me.

Thank you for all that you do. I will send you some before and after pictures. Keep up the great work.

Peace and blessings,

Soultrii said...

Ok HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND HAPPY BDAY!!!! =) you have definitely been a blessing to us! And My bday is on Thursday! =) You're clip ins look amazing- you did a fabulous job! I look forward to your future blogz.


Yola aka Soultrii

Ms. Harmony said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Happy Anniversary!!
Thank you for all your help. You were the first I subscribed to on you tube. Thanks again!!

Nakia said...

Happy belated birthday and congrats on the anniversary! I stopped relaxing in May of 2005 and your tips are fantastic and really helpful for me. Thank you and I wish you continued success!

bgsbnnyebony said...

Happy Birthday, no wonder I'm so drawn to you. My baby sister and one of my closest friends birthdays are also Dec. 6th. You are truly the reason I decided to go natural(again) from watching this video and tips for transitioners. THANK YOU

Krista said...

yyyyaaaayyyy!!!! HB and cngrats...IM DECEMBER 5th!!!!! :)