Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Celebrity Hair

The celebrity hair I'm currently admiring: Keisha Watson. I don't know if you can call her a celebrity or not yet, but with a face like that, she's on her way! This video model was recently featured in the "Say Something" video by Timbaland, featuring Drizzy Drake in all his rapping/singing glory. Anyway, this model caught my eye with her sultry good looks and fabulous hair, so I had to Google her. In doing so, I stumbled upon the following behind-the-scenes look at the video in which she introduces herself to the world. Check it out here:

I love her hairstyle! Luckily, the same look can be achieved for the less gutsy without actually shaving off the sides. Remember when I posted this pic of Ashanti back in September?

You can basically get the same look by corn rowing the sides. See Ashanti's Faux Hawk for more pics of this look.


Miss Trini said...

Her hairstyle is dope!!! I feel in love with the one-sided shaved look when Kelis was rockin it in the magazines after her "Bossy" video. I would definitely like to try Ashantis' modified version of that...No way am I cutting my hair to rock a low cut on one side!! It is hot though!!

AlenaCupcake said...

This hairstyle is so hot. It's the only way I would have enough guts to wear a mohawk.