Tuesday, January 19, 2010


A Year in Review

My hair has been through quite a few changes over the past year, and I wanted to share them with you before I kick off another year of videos. Those of you who have been following my YouTube channel and blog for the past year are probably already aware of them, but now you can see a full summary in 10 minutes. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Great Progress!!!!!!!!!!

Dprincess28 I cannot begin to explain what an inspiration you have been to me and my quest at being a fully natural DIVA!

You have led me to truly be more confident in my natural hair and styles! Thanxx YOU!

Keep inspiring girl!!

Miss Trini said...

Hi Dprincess. I have a head full of thick healthy hair, and it has grown a lot due to hair care advice from your blogs and videos, but I swim twice a week, and I am trying to find ways to allow my hair to continue to grow at its fast pace. It may sounds like a bit much, but do you know if it is okay to use the Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner twice a week? I rinse my hair before swimming so water is absorbed before the chlorine. After getting out of the pool, I rinse my hair and let the conditioner sit for an hour. Although I don't put any chemicals in my hair, I am worried that the chlorine may dry it out and break it off or I may be conditioning it too much. Thanks!!

DPrincess28 said...

@Rad: You're welcome and thank you!

@Miss Trini: I think it's great you're taking extra measures to care for your hair after swimming, but you may be over conditioning it. Don't forget to alternate your moisturizing deep conditioning treatments with protein.

Miss Trini said...

I will start doing that. Thanks! :)

Dani in NC said...

Thanks for posting your year in review. It reminded me that I need to work deep conditioning into my hair care routine :-).

Natural Nini said...

Great Job!! You're still my inspiration