Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Miss Jessie's Grow-out Challenge

I received an email today announcing that Miss Jessie's is entering month four of its Grow-out Challenge. Now, I wasn't aware that there was any such challenge, so it's a little late in the game to be finding out about this in month four, when it only lasts six months. However, I figured I'd share the details with those of you who are currently transitioning, or just thinking about transitioning, as this challenge is for you!

Apparently, Miss Jessie's is offering support to those who would like to embark on the journey of going from relaxed to natural. They have basically created an online forum through which transitioners can share their experiences and pictures with others on the journey. In addition, they offer tips on how to maintain a healthy head of hair as one attempts to deal with two different textures, and even select four lucky participants each month to receive a personal "hair prescription," and $150 worth of Miss Jessie's products.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the challenge, visit: Miss Jessie's Grow-out Challenge for details.


Ms. Harmony said...

Thanks for posting because I didn't know about the contest. March 13 marks 1 year of transitioning for me. I need the extra motivation! Thanks again!!

Ms. Harmony said...

Essence is calling for 100% natural sisters too. Check out the link:


MagnificentReign said...

I'm kind of mad I didn't know about this challenge. I signed up for naturallycurly but don't check it often. Thanks for letting us know though, I'm sure it will help us transitioners. I'm on month 15 of my transition myself so any help or encouragement is greatly appreciated!!