Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Twist & Shout

My mom, who is natural, wanted to try out a new hairstyle. She was tired of rocking a fro and straightening her hair and was therefore interested in trying other styling options that would allow her to enjoy some versatility without costing too much money, time, or effort.

Since her hair is coarser than mine, I knew I needed to start by imparting moisture. I therefore started this style on freshly washed, air dried hair, and began spraying it with good ol' H20. I then applied a light setting lotion called SET (Extra Hold) by Hair Play to small sections of hair prior to doing a simple, two strand twist:

After her entire head was twisted, she allowed it to set overnight. She slept in a loose bonnet and untwisted the hair the next day. Here are the results:

Twist out, hair down

Twist out, hair half up, half down

My mom was very pleased with the final outcome, as she loved the volume the style afforded. However, she found that her hair felt a little dry, so now she is working on finding solutions to keeping her hair full of moisture without losing the body and lightweight feeling the setting lotion provides. I would suggest that in the future, she spritz the hair with a moisturizing spray (Even ol' skool Stay So' Fro might do the trick!) to maintain the moisture balance without losing the style. Since these pictures were taken, I trimmed her ends to eliminate any splits and give her hair a cleaner shape. All in all, I thought she looked beautiful, and her hair came out fab!


Ms. Harmony said...

Your mom is Fierce!

Anonymous said...

Your mother's hair turned out fabulously!

bluebonnet67 said...

Great Style! Your mom is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Natural Enchantress said...

Beautiful! I really see the resemblance with you and your mom!

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks ladies for all your kind comments. I know my mother will appreciate them! XOXO

NaTuRaLbEaUtY81 said...

your mom's natural hair is beautiful!! a couple of weeks ago I did my mom's big chop It was awesome!! I have pictures of it on a video I did (Dkjames5 on youtube)
God Bless!!

This Chick said...

Try a mixture of water, leave in conditioner and olive oil, spray on each strand before twisting. This keeps my hair mositurized. You look so much like your mom. Too cute!

nicole123 said...

your mom is beautiful, wow you look just like her!! But the styles came out very pretty.

Kinky Rhonnie said...

So cute!

I'd add some leave-in and moisturizing and use an alcohol free gel, while sealing the ends with oil to lock in the moisture.

Also, get her to try a braidout with the same product combination and roll the ends.

She can set under the dryer or use a blowdryer on low if it's not dry the next morning.

KR @ http://kinkyrhonnie.blogspot.com