Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Red Speckle by Santee

I'm constantly telling myself that I need to apply a clear coat of nail strengthener to my nails in order to preserve length. Even with the newfound strength and length I've acquired thanks to my pregnancy hormones and the prenatal vitamins I've continued to take daily since delivery, my nails still need to be cared for, as they undergo a pretty decent amount of wear and tear. Just washing dishes can significantly weaken nails, but silly me always procrastinates when it comes to giving myself a good manicure, so I end up breaking a nail or two, and end up having jacked up hands like this:

Since I had to cut down the nails on my ring and index fingers, I decided to apply fake nails to regain a consistent look. This is the kit I used:

After gluing on the nails (and believe me, this glue ain't no joke! It lasts a good week just as it claims), I filed them down to achieve a length comparable to my natural nails, then painted them with this beautiful, sparkly red color called Red Speckle by Santee:

Hand with fake nails applied, pre-file
Nails filed and painted
This was the perfect finish to my holiday look!

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