Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Shoes for NYE 2010

When money is tight, instead of buying clothes, the best thing to do is shop for shoes and accessories that will serve to jazz up the duds you already own. Well, I've been trying to put together an outfit for a New Year's Eve celebration, but was missing one key ingredient: shoes!

I solved my dilemma when I went to Kohl's the other day. Since I had purchased some Christmas gifts for family members from Kohl's, I had $30.00 Kohl's cash to spend. For those of you who don't shop at Kohl's and therefore aren't familiar with Kohl's cash, it's a pretty cool reward system they've got going. Basically, for every $50.00 you spend, you get $10.00 Kohl's cash, which pretty much resembles Monopoly money--it can't be used anywhere but at Kohl's, and you can spend it on whatever you want! Well, I was in their store yesterday looking for shoes to rock for NYE and my eyes landed on this gorgeous pair of stiletto pumps:

These shoes were originally priced at $59.99 but were on sale for $35.99. Thanks to my Kohl's cash, I only had to come out of pocket an additional $6.57. Not bad for a fabulous pair of shoes. Trust, these pics do not do them justice. They're so sparkly, I feel like Jessica Rabbit in them :-).

Gotta love it!

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MzDiimples said...

Ahhh shoooesss!! <3 *drool*