Thursday, January 13, 2011


Slim Fast & Special K

I am so tempted to go on the Slim Fast and or Special K diet. Now, I know I've mentioned in the past that I do not believe in fad diets or dieting in general. However, I've also never had to lose as much weight as I need to lose right now! Although I do believe that slow and steady wins the race, and that a gradual weight loss achieved through sensible eating and exercise is the best way to go, using fad diets and or extreme measures to achieve results seems pretty appealing right now. Sometimes seeing results is the best way to stay motivated.

Now, I know drinking shakes ain't realistic, 'cause lets face it, I'll be starving and craving more food than ever before if I do that (Trust, I've tried using Slim Fast shakes to lose weight in the past with little to no results). However, the Slim Fast meal bars as a meal replacement may be a more reasonable option, or perhaps even swapping out a bowl of cereal for lunch or dinner might work too considering that I typically eat a Fiber One meal bar with fruit and coffee and or a bowl of high fiber cereal for breakfast anyway. The one thing I do like about the Slim Fast diet is that they now have an online food and weight loss tracker, which makes following their plan much easier.

Have you ever been tempted to try any of these diets? If you have and decided to take the plunge, how did they work for you?


Chatterbox said...

I have been tempted and tried them, but they never work for me. Ohh, I loose the weight, but as soon as I eat real food the pounds come back on and bring a stubborn friend!! But then again I am much older than you and it is harder as you get older .....that metabolism slooows down, or at least it has for me. I have always had this battle and am envious of those that do not. I think portion control and exercise is the best method, at least for me.

bgsbnnyebony said...

I've tried the Slimfast shakes, not alone, but with my breakfast and dinner since those were my smaller meals in the day. So i would do a lite breakfast with a shake, cheerios for a snack, a nice size lunch, cheerios, and lite dinner with a shake plus 1 hour workout daily. I lost 20 lbs in 2 months.

vandra said...

I have been tempted but I think it would back fire in the end when I go back to eating real food, which is what most people say. I have been on a weight loss journey since Aug. I have lost 18 lbs but thats because I gained over the holidays. I just count calories and I have a hrm which is the best investment weight loss wise that I have ever made.

DPrincess28 said...

@Chatterbox and Vandra: Yes, I hear you about the possibility of regaining the weight and then some after going back to regular food. That's my fear.

@Bgsbnnyebony: 20 lbs in 2 months?! Lucky you!

Lauren said...

I really need to lose weight but I just hate chocolate and milk, So those bars are a no no, too sweet for me.

Anonymous said...

I've tried the slim fast drinks, but I didn't find it very effective for myself. I'm currently a member on, it allows you to track your caloric intake, exercise, etc, and you have other fellow members who are trying to lose weight. I find it to be a great support system and it keeps me motivated.

RicanQueen said...

I hear you concerning the fad diets. I too do not believe in diet just healthy eating and exercise.But I too needed to lose the baby fat from my now 1 1/2 yr old and I resluted to try Special K. I did follow the routine for about 2 mths and got tired of eating cereal and cereal bars. But what it did do was start me on a routine of healthy eating. I kept the shakes cause they did work and kept me full but I tried other healthy snacks and dinner meals that worked. I also exercised and kept this regimen. Its been now a year in this healthy eating and I now have lost 2-3 dress sizes. So mix and match and take your time you will lose it at a healthy pase! Enjoy your baby!

DPrincess28 said...

@RicanQueen: I hear you. I have started swapping out my normal lunches with a bowl of hi-fiber cereal, but I don't do it every day because I know that will get old, quick. I've been getting results with this method, so I'm gonna stick with it for a while. And yes huh, I am definitely enjoying my baby! XOXO

Stephanie said...

I have tried these diets in the past and as some of the other ladies have stated they are short lived with little to no weightloss. I have been doing raw for awhile and have found that it is so beneficial to the body.Some of the perks are weightloss, clearer skin, better rest,shiny healthier hair and the list goes on. I didn't at first go raw head on but gradually cut out bread, sugar, salt, etc. I would substitute 2 green shakes and have a nice healthy meal. You may want to check out ArnoldsWay here on YouTube..his channel is so fabulous and informative. Also thre SlimFast products are loaded with sugar and other crappy things. I feel it is best to get what nature has given to us naturally for our bodies. Stephanie =)

Joe said...

As a mother of 4, I understand exactly how you feel :) My kiddos are 4, 3, and 19 month old twins. I've always been a "health nut", and could loss and maintain weight pretty easily; however, baby weight is sooo hard to lose... so don't be discouraged. Here are a few suggestions :
1. Drink a glass of water 10 min before, during, and after your meal. ( I like to add lemon juice for flavor).
2. Do a mini workout(about 10-15) 30min before. Who wants to eat alot after a workout.
3. Try adding 100% wheat bran to your food. It has about 8 grams of fiber, so it helps to fill you up faster.
As mentioned before, I understand what you are going through. Continue to exercise and eating healthy meals... you will see a difference ;)

P.S. slim fast and kashi cereals are excellent snacks.