Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions Anyone?

Hey Divas,

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration. I sure did :-). I figured I'd start today's blog roll off by sharing my New Year's resolution with you. For 2011, I have resolved to go on a cash-only diet, meaning I am putting the credit cards on ice! I only want to use the plastics for big ticket items and or emergencies, but other than that, if I don't have the cash for it, I just ain't getting it, simple as that. I figure I'll be able to save more money this way, as I'll be forced to really think twice about what I'm spending my money on.

Remember the days of old when folks used to, gee, I don't know, actually save up their money for items they really wanted? Folks used to clown when people would put stuff on layaway, but the more I think about it, it was those values that really saved our bacon. Now thanks to credit cards, which serve to bring about instant gratification, many of us are facing mounting debt. I've found that you don't even have to be a big spender to get in trouble, for even us frugal divas, who may spend just a little here and a little there can get in big trouble too, for a little here and there can add up, quick!

So divas, what's your New Year's resolution?




Lauren said...

I My resolution is to take better care of myself, Physically, Spiritually and emotionally. I really need to start exercising. I love how I feel after.

DPrincess28 said...

Lauren, that's an EXCELLENT resolution! Good luck to you :-).

A Simple Thing said...

I'm trying to be a bit braver and learn to do the things I've always wanted to do, but was always a bit too afraid to try: like roller skating, or swimming correctly.
I keep reading everywhere that FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real, so I'm taking that to heart and gradually building up courage!

Victoria D. said...

I just did a post about this (of course).

Here are five fun ones:
1). Become a nude art model
2). Go sky diving and hang gliding
3). Become a better foodie
4). Go to more arts based events (plays, indie movies, concerts, exhibits)
5). Finally find/meet my biological father.

Gonna be a good year.

Best to you and yours,

Kina said...

I have more than you would probably care to hear but the most important is the one that God pressed upon me: Matthew 6:33. This year I really want to focus on seeking His kingdom first. And I'd really like to potty-train my 21month old also! lol - having two in diapers is no joke on the pocketbook!

DPrincess28 said...

@A Simple Thing: Not allowing fear to bind you is an excellent goal!

@Victoria: Becoming a nude model? You're brave girl, LOL!

@Kina: There ain't nothing wrong with either of those! I totally feel you on the potty training. I feel like we are constantly buying diapers and wipes!

CaliKish said...

My Resolutions:
1. Build a closer relationship with GOD!
2. Manage my money better! I am also putting my credit cards on ice!
3.Continue transistioning!I hope to cut of my permed endS by the end of the year or my 1 year anniversary, which is in July!
4. Last but not least, which has been on my list like every year for the past 3 years, DIET & EXCERCISE! LOL

DPrincess28 said...

@CaliKish: Amen to that! :-)

RicanQueen said...

my 2011 resolution is to be NATURAL all over! not just in my hair but Naturally being ME!

Jay said...

My resolution is to read my bible everyday