Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celebrity Hair

All Star Swag

For those of you who missed the all-atar game that aired last Sunday, I've compiled a few celebrity photos from the game and corresponding events. I was shocked to see how blonde some celebs have gotten since the last time I've seen them...

Check out Beyonce and her super light tresses:

Trina is my girl, but I don't know if I'm feeling the honey blonde roots...

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose tresses are fairest of them all?

Eva Marcille's. She happens to be sporting some serious platinum at the moment. True, there were quite a few blonde tones out there, but my fav celeb hair award goes to:

Rihanna! I love her flaming red hair, and that silver and black makeup look is hawt! I will definitely be coppin' this eye shadow look, so look out for that in the near future.

I just had to throw in this extra pic of her sitting next to every teeny bopper's fantasy at the moment, Justin Bieber. The look on his face is so funny to me. He is totally crushin' on her, LOL!


Augusta7 said...

That is a funny pic of justin a rhianna..his sly smile! lol

citychic said...

I'm not feeling Beyonce's new color seems like she keeps getting lighter.

MzDiimples said...

What, was Rihanna takin a moment there to brush the haters off? LOL

JTWisdom said...

I like Rihanna's red hair too and Justin does look like he has a crush.