Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Celebrity Hair

The celebrity locks I'm currently admiring: Alexis Jordan. I ran across homegirl's music video the other day and was blown away by her red tresses (y'all know red/auburn is my favorite hair color!). It appears as though she wears her hair a variety of ways, be it curly, straight, or full of body. Below are some pics of her many looks:

Here's a pic of her album cover. I'm not at all familiar with her music, but you can check out her vocals on her youtube channel at Alexis Jordan.


Augusta7 said...

I have never heard of Alexis Jordan either but her hair color is really awesome. I have never experimented with hair color but this makes me want to try it. Its a nice color!

Siroda said...

I agree with Augusta7, never heard of her but I am very much loving her color. I was planning on doing a trim and color once the TBYHC is over so I may have to keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing!