Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Updating Your Transitioning Tale

Hey dudes and dudettes,

I hope you're all in great health and in good spirits! Back when I was blogging on the regular, I made it a point to post a transitioning tale every Wednesday. Well, you all know I slacked off on that, and still have some old tales to dust off and publish. Since I have unfortunately taken so long to get around to some of the stories that were submitted to me, I'm certain that many of you have switched up your reggies now that you've been on a natural hair journey for some time now. Take for instance today's Transitioning Tale. One of my lovely subbies decided to send me updated info about her hair care journey seeing that she was only a month into her transition at the time I interviewed her, and alas, it is now a year and some change later.

So, if you have not submitted a transitioning tale and wish to do so, please express interest by sending an email to I will then forward you interview questions. In addition, if your transitioning tale has already been featured and you wish to update me on your progress, please also shoot me an email and we will get it crackin'!

Enjoy the rest of this lovely hump day. I don't know how the weather is where you are, but it's a gorgeous, sunny day in Californ-i-a ;-).



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Avillacorta said...

Finally updated and sent. :-)