Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Date Night

Hey lovelies!

I mentioned in my introductory post last Friday how I would possibly record a video of the hair and makeup look I'd be wearing that evening for date night. Well, I did so and have decided to dedicate today's blog roll to the creation of that look. I really wanted to glam things up, so I hope you enjoy my "bronze goddess" look. Although the hubby and I may have looked glamorous, the date itself wasn't so much considering all we did was have dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant, then came home and fell out! Parenthood is exhausting, LOL! Now that we have the baby, we really cherish our alone time (i.e. time to ourselves and together sans baby). All we need now is some energy to enjoy it! Shoot, if we're this tired with one, how will we manage if we have two? Makes me wonder how my parents survived with three! :-P



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