Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Ahhh, My Face is Melting!

Summer is here, and many of us have already experienced sweltering heat. Although I don't have to deal with too much humidity in California, dry heat can be just as unbearable. As far as beauty is concerned, it can definitely be a struggle to look hot while it's hot (Corny pun, I know ;-)), but there are some products out there that claim to preserve one's sexy on days when the weather reaches extreme temperatures. Take for instance Urban Decay, and their line of setting sprays:

The customer service rep @ Ulta was ranting and raving about these "stay put" makeup sprays the last time I dropped by their store for a visit. I inquired further and she basically stated that a little spritz of one of these bad boys before and after makeup application would guarantee a lasting hold. Now, for someone with sensitive skin such as myself, I wonder just how effective these products are, and whether or not they will cause more harm than good. I would however love to find a solution to my slimy face problems in the summer, but since each spray retails for $29.00 ($29.00, really? Let's just make it $30 and quit playing), I will have to postpone purchasing one for a while because I already break the bank each time I stock up on hair care products.

Have any of you ladies ever tried one of these sprays? If so, how well did it perform? How do you keep your face from melting in the summer?


EbonyCPrincess said...

I was skeptical about these sprays and definitely the price, but after the CS rep gave me a sample I was sold. I own the De-slick and girl I'm telling you it REALLY does what it says! Esp w/a good primer, I have little to no oiliness and my makeup lasts for hours. I did a video review on it and there are a few others on YT as well.

Tee Eee said...

I don't wear full makeup in the summer except to church on Sundays...the other days (both to church and elsewhere) I only wear eye makeup and concealer under my eyes. I don't know how I would feel about makeup being forced to stay on my face. Where does it go when you sweat? I mean, sweat is very stripping, what is in this $30 spray that forces the sweat to not bother the makeup? Is it like the stuff they put on your car windshield to make the rain bead up? Anyway, I keep it very simple in the summer.
I love the pic at the top of this article!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I've tried the All-Nighter spray and it does a pretty good job of what it says it's gonna do. HOWEVER, I learned that the company behind this Urban Decay Line, the company is called Skindinavia, makes their own line of make up setting sprays, which are not as "watered down" so to speak. Once I heard that, I decided to do some research on YouTube. Every single review I saw was someone raving about how fabulous it was, so I decided to skip the middle man and go straight to the source via their website. Their product is absolutely WONDERFUL! I have super oily skin and their "No More Shine" make-up setting spray along with me using a good primer and milk of magnesia underneath my make up, has saved my make up looks this summer. It is on the expensive side as well, but I really do think that it is well worth it. Kinda lengthy comment...lol. But just wanted to share the good news! God bless!

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks for the feedback ladies.

@drtj201: I also noticed that the sprays are by Skindinavia for UD, but wasn't sure if there was a big difference in terms of the formulation. Thanks for the 411!