Friday, July 15, 2011

My Apologies

Hey everyone,

I mentioned in my post titled, You Saw it Here First! that I was going to provide you, my lovely blog subbies with exclusive access to my videos before they are released to the greater YouTube community. Well, today's video was leaked on the Y-T thanks to YouTube's janky uploading system. So, my sincere apologies lovelies. I was not going against my word. In fact, I deleted the video and reloaded it three times to make it private, but the stupid system kept making it public! Needless to say, don't ever publish anything on YouTube or anywhere else on the web that you don't want others to see, LOL! So much for their privacy settings.

Thanks for listening to me vent ;-). Have a great weekend!



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SILVIA said...

beatiful post!!
congratulations honey