Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Transitioning Tale: Glamourstruckk's Story

The first person to respond to the recent call for submissions for the Transitioning Tales/Inspiration section of PYCAG was a beautiful diva who goes by the name Glamourstruckk. Not only is she daring enough to kiss the lye goodbye, but she has also proven to be extremely brave by sharing each stage of her journey, which despite her screenname is not always glamourous, with the world wide web. You can check her out on YouTube at Glamourstruckk or on her blog at What The Kink. Now, without further ado, here are the details of her transition, as told to PYCAG.

PYCAG: How long were you relaxed?
Glamourstruckk: I received my first relaxer at the age of 12 and began transitioning at 20, so I was relaxed for 8 years.

PYCAG: What inspired you to transition?

Glamourstruckk: I always wanted the versatility that comes with natural hair. You can be kinky curly one day and straight the next. I also realized there wasn't much difference between my flat ironed relaxed hair and my pressed natural hair. I was going through a harsh chemical process for no reason at all!
PYCAG: Why did you opt to slowly transition versus do the BC?
Glamourstruckk: I opted to slowly transition so that I could get a bit of length before going completely natural. I have never had really short hair other than a bob in my sophomore year of high school and another bob in my sophomore year of college.

PYCAG: How are you caring for your hair and how do you plan to care for it once it's natural?
Glamourstruckk: I wash and deep condition my hair once a week, then apply leave-in and oil and allow it to set in a style. I usually wear braidouts and bantu knot outs, but I have experimented with wigs and a set of yarn braids. My regimen hasn't changed much from my relaxed days except that there is more of a focus on detangling, which I do twice--before I shampoo then again when I rinse my DC. I moisturize daily with the same leave-in and oil. Sometimes I co-wash mid-week. I am going to go where the wind blows me as far as caring for my hair once it is 100% natural.

PYCAG: What products are you currently using?
Glamourstruckk: I currently use:
  • Aloe vera gel/grapeseed oil detangling jelly
  • Giovanni Deep Moisture Shampoo
  • ORS Replenishing Pak
  • Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1
  • Grapeseed Oil
I am not married to any particular product so this list is constantly changing.

PYCAG: What are your hair care goals?
Glamourstruckk: I originally had goals of getting back to APL, then growing to BSL, but after transitioning so long I am probably going to just enjoy my hair as is for a while and set some goals later.

Thank you, Glamourstruckk, for sharing your transitioning tale with PYCAG. We wish you continued success on your hair care journey!


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Thanks for featuring me! ^_^

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