Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Transitioning Tale: LaShawnda's Story

Today's transitioning tale is that of a fabulous diva named LaShawnda. Some of you may already know her as Igmstar on YouTube, or be familiar with her blog. Although she is often kept busy blogging and vlogging about pop culture, fashion and everything else in between, she was kind enough to take a moment to chat with PYCAG about her natural hair journey. So, without further ado, this is LaShawnda's natural hair tale: 

PYCAG: How long were you relaxed?
LaShawnda: Geeze...for at least 20 years. I think I was 12 or 13 when I got my first relaxer and I'm 33 now.

PYCAG: What inspired you to transition? 
LaShawnda: I honestly can not tell you the exact day I went natural, but I do remember having my last relaxer a little bit before my birthday in October (2010). In fact, I still have half of the relaxer kit I was gonna use on my hair. I had gone beyond my usual six week touch up mark and just said, *bleep* it, I'm going natural.

PYCAG: Did you opt to slowly transition or do the BC?
LaShawnda: I initially kept all of my hair. I am one of those girls who are all about the lengh of the hair, but at the begining of the summer I had a friendship/relationship that ended and he was the last person to tell me not to cut my hair, so I cut it. It was a good 2 inches of hair and I wish I had cut it sooner.

PYCAG:  How are you caring for your hair?
LaShawnda: I have done everything to my hair--flat twists, bantu knots and straightening--I can do it all. Most days I just let the curls hang free. The only thing I don't like about my hair is that the front part is wavy and the rest is curly ringlets. Also, color doesn't take as well but it might be because my hair isn't as damaged as it once was. I don't blow dry my hair, but I might flat iron it once every two months, if that. I'm lazy when it comes to my hair so most days I fluff, put on some oil and go.

PYCAG: What products are you currently using?
  • Lottabody Setting Lotion
  • Urban Therapy Twisted Sista leave in conditioner
PYCAG:  What are your hair care goals?
LaShawnda: Just to have healthy hair. I would like it to be longer but I love what I got now.

Thank you, LaShawnda, for sharing your story with PYCAG. We wish you much success on your hair care journey!

If you're interested in hearing more from LaShawnda, you can follow her on Twitter @lalaG or @PCFashionista.

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Avillacorta said...

LaShawnda Thanks for sharing your story. My hair sounds like yours. The front of my hair is sadly wavy. Then I have these pretty curls in the top and sides and a lil bit in the back. But towards the middle.....Chile it's a hot mess super tight curls and it loves to matte up. It's a process but my hair is so much more healthy since going natural. Good look with your journey. :-)