Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celebrity Hair

The celebrity locks I'm currently admiring: Reniece. Okay, so she may not be a celebrity in the Britney Spears sense, but she is an Internet celeb that I've been stalking following for quite some time now.

Before YouTube and Blogger, I would share all my hair adventures in my Fotki album. Reniece happens to be one of the ladies whose album I loved to peruse from time to time. I've seen her nurse her damaged, relaxed hair back to health, and then later transition out of her relaxer to sport the healthy, natural, lengthy tresses she has today.

Reniece is a skilled weave-ologist who has helped many ladies grow their hair to amazing lengths. Her focus is on healthy hair, and she'll even go as far as to turn you down as a weave candidate if she doesn't find your hair to be strong enough to handle it. If you're not at all familiar with this fabulous diva, then perhaps you've at least had a chance to spy some of her work, as she has styled models for publications such as Sophisticate's Black Hair, SalonOne, and African Vibes.

To learn more about Reniece and the services she provides, visit You should also check out her relaxed hair journey and her natural hair journey in her fotki albums.

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Tia said...

I used to frequent her growth pic to keep me motivated when I felt like being lazy with my hair care.