Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kidz Corner


A wonderful subscriber named Sdestra submitted her daughter, MadiMeli, for Kidz Corner. She and a good friend of hers started a YouTube channel to help other mothers care for their children's hair. Having taken great care of her dauther's natural hair for the past four years, Sdestra is now ready to share the details of her 6-year-old's regimen with PYCAG.

MadiMeli is a beautiful young girl with extremely coarse, type 4b hair.

MadiMeli's Regimen: 
  1. Her hair is shampooed once a month during the winter
  2. Her hair is co-washed 1-2x/week
  3. Her scalp is moisturized with oil every few days
  4. The ends of her hair are moisturized with a natural moisturizer
  5. She wears a satin scarf almost every night
  6. Her hair is cornrowed and/or twisted every 2-3 weeks and the styles are maintained by either re-twisting or using a light gel on her edges and brushing it
  7. Her hair is easily detangled with conditioner, which helps retain its length
  8. A wide tooth comb and Denman brush are used to detangle the hair
Products Used:
  • Shampoo -- Kids' Organic Shea Butter Conditioning Shampoo
  • Conditioners -- Aussie Moist Conditioner and Suave Naturals Conditioner
  • Moisturizers -- Shea butter mix with EVCO
  • Oils -- 100% Organic EVCO and Haitian Black Castor Oil (Similar to JBCO)
  • Styling Products -- ORS Twist & Lock Gel and Fantasia IC Gel

Featured Hairstyles:

Cornrows with a twist
"Pony puff"
To achieve the hair style with the twists, MadiMeli's mom moisturizes her hair with the shea butter/EVCO mix, then braids or plaits the hair approx. one inch down before twisting the hair. A small amount of Twist & Lock Gel is applied to the hair prior to braiding (This process is used for every braided/cornrow/twist style).

To achieve the hair style with the massive puff, MadiMeli's mom combs sections of hair upwards with a wide tooth comb. She moisturizes her hair with the shea butter mix, then applies a small amount of the Fantasia IC gel to the edges and all around. She smooths her daughter's hair with a soft boar bristle brush, then secures the pony puff with a cut nylon stocking instead of a hair band.

Thank you, Sdestra, for sharing MadiMeli's favorite hairstyles. We wish her much success on her hair care journey!

**Note: If you'd like to submit a little one for the Kidz Corner section of Protecting Your Crown & Glory, see the submission guidelines in the Introducing Kidz Corner! post.

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